I'm just a girl....

Who has 3 dogs....

And one husband...

who is not in that picture...but he put up that sign...in front of that tiny dog :).  That was our rental place in NJ.  Fortunately, the doggie came with us when we relocated to Florida.  Unfortunately, the sign came too.  

I love writing, yoga (teaching and practicing), horses and elephants, my day job as a therapist, and my night excursions scouring design goodies online.  HomeGoods is sort of like a drug to me, trips to Ikea give me all kinds of funny-clever-insane ideas, and I love taking inspirations way out of my budget and making something I can afford with the idea.  

I like painting furniture, canvases, and fabric.  My husband suffers through my decorative whims because we compromised on beauty to give him a (gulp) black recliner --it's sort of not as bad as it sounds, although I'm still trying to diffuse the black of it all--and in return, while he relaxes in a prone position, I can run rampant with all the decorative things I want to do.  

I have a tiny house... {in renovation process}

And an even smaller budget...but I love getting creating to make the high-end inspirations {in home, fashion, and every part of living} into low-cost realities.  That is fun for me :).  

This is the space I will talk about house, home, inspiration, and style from the liveable to the wearable to the virtual to the cinematic to the literary and everything in between.  Anything creative and an expression of creativity is my joy!

Enjoy this little piece of the decorative dreamy inside my brain!