My Home{s}

My First Intentionally Made Home: The Hoboken Apartment

I was single, in my mid-20's, just out of grad school, and living along the Hudson River a PATH ride from Manhattan, .  This was the first home that was really mine {a rental}.  It still makes me happy to reminisce about the fun and fear of putting together every piece of furniture from ikea and west elm, mixing in some really big splurges from room & board, and adding some home-made art {the very beginning of my DIY love}.  There are a number of items {like my favorite PS Cabinet, and CB2 acrylic console} that still have a place in my current home--redressed for their new beachside locale.

My living room.

The other side of the living room.

My kitchen, dining nook, and only bathroom {with the shared sink in the kitchen--ah, hoboken}.

My bedroom which is connected by doorless hallways to the rest of the apartment in this railroad style which is common in the area.

You can see the full tour and comments via Apartment Therapy's Small Cool Contest 2008 HERE.

Our Current Home {Pre-Purchase}

It's an odd little story.  Before we bought our house we lived in it for a year {nearly} as renters.  There were things we couldn't really change {like the pervasive yellow wall color that was throughout the entire interior and exterior of the house} but we could still decorate.  It is, and hopefully will continue to be, an interesting evolution now that we own the place and can do every little thing we want to!  Like paint, for starters!  But, this is the before of our little beach box house, pre-ownership.

The front of the house.  Since I couldn't change anything substantial pre-ownership all I really did was add a kind of kitchy little "welcome" sign {and a couple of really dinky plastic chairs}.  Which, sadly, has stayed there for the last year.  I cannot wait to get to the exterior re-styling!

The living room close up with flowers {which are only really every there for pictures--shame on me, I know}.

The living room from the other direction.

My gallery wall...which I liked but since we took everything down to paint I think I will now replace it with a paired down collection with a very large piece of art at the center for focus and grounding.  Here it looks a bit too tiny and scattered I think--at least photographed it does.

I like this painting, besides it containing some of my favorite, bright colors, because it was the first piece of  "real art" I ever owned.  It was a graduation present from my parents when I finished my bachelor's degree and it has always had a special symbolic place in my heart and my home.  It is by Matt Lew who has done a few projects recently for the cb2 art line.  

The rest of the house pre-purchase really does not have much too offer.  It felt flat design-wise although it has always been a comfy, cozy, homey space for me.  Soon to come I will show some of the preliminary AFTERS from the POST-HOME PURCHASE.

My Little "Sea Glass Castle" : Post-Purchase { more images coming soon!}

exterior: newly painted front door and shutters
...more to come as the exterior becomes remade from subtle to brightly beachy! The color is Behr's "Surfer".

interior : living room repainted

colors: the grey walls are "Ashwood" by Benjamin Moore, color matched by Lowe's Valspar; the turquoise accent wall is "Jamaica Bay" by Behr

interior: kitchen repainted

interior: main bathroom repainted to Martha Stewart's Precious Metals "Tide Pool"...
I love it because it feels like I am underwater in the room now :).  I am trying to keep all the decorative accents simple and understanded so as not to make the room overload and just letting the paint color take center stage.  More images to come!