Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Society 6 & Their 10,000 Skins {or nearly}

I could peruse the art and designs featured at Society 6 forever.  I especially love that so many of their art works can be converted by a quick click of your virtual order into a skin for your iphone or laptop or an iphone case!  How cool is that?

And the same images you can get in any number of permutations: from the cases and laptop skins to prints or canvas art and even on sweatshirts and really is pretty cool.

Here are some of my current favorites...I really want to get a case from them.  I got a skin previous but when I traded out phones {or rather my husband traded it out} my skin was lost.  Soon, my friends, very soon I shall have a new lovely from them.  It is on the "to-buy" wish list for sure.  They are definitely one of my big go-spots for new prints or inspiration.  They are much like etsy in that they are a show space for new artists with unending creativity.

ókshirahm sky mandala iPhone Case
ókshirahm sky mandala Laptop & iPad Skin
okshirahm sky mandala by Peter Patrick Barreda

In Groveland iPhone Case
In Groveland Laptop & iPad Skin
In Groveland by Valentina Ramos

Sunny Leo   iPhone Case
Sunny Leo by Robert Farkas 

Le Voyage iPhone Case
Le Voyage Laptop & iPad Skin
Le Voyage by Ilaria Lazzaroni

color your life iPhone Case
color your life Laptop & iPad Skin
Color Your Life by Bianca Green   : I think this is my current favorite.  I also really love the art print version of it ....
color your life Framed Art Print
I mean who wouldn't want to color their life in this lovely palate?

I love that this great supply of wearable and useable art illustrates another way you can take beauty off your walls and into your life in new and interesting ways.

Anyone else have some favorites from the neverending society6 collection?

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