Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thinking of fabrics & Kitchen Curtains...

My plan is, now that the interior house painting is complete, to make some curtains for the kitchen/dining area {which is all windows} to bring some color, pattern, and texture over to that nook of my little world.  I plan to buy fabric, get some non-sew tape for the edges, curtain rods, and curtain clips.  I am looking for a simple window height look that doesn't require any sewing {which, as of right now, I don't really do...lack of sewing machine being the largest reason for that}.

The area is flecked with turquoise, red, white, and a bit of am looking to bring at least some of that in the curtains.  The accent wall brings in the turquoise and reds are in some of the textiles and appliances (the rug and kitchen aid mixer, coffee pot, and tea kettle).

I also have this rug {currently the new bed-of-choice for this guy} which is sort of the color inspiration for this area....

The rug is from Pier One and you can see a better image of the color and pattern here...
Textured Stripe Rug

Here are some I have at the top of the list {c/o joann fabric online samples}:

Annie Selke "Links" in Indigo

Waverly Outdoor Fabric in Muse Persimmon

Waverly Carino-Buttercup

   Home Essentials Print Fabric Dana/Red

Any thoughts?  Any suggestions?  I am looking for bright and clever without being too busy.  I think a lot of these (except the first one) might still be too busy to cover 3 walls of curtains.  Hmm.

What fabrics and textures inhabit your eating and dining spaces?

As a side note: I am also thinking about adding this print somewhere in the kitchen.  I have been eyeing it forever...
Blogs and Tea
"blogs and tea" print by made by girl

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